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The Week in Bites | 18th September 2011

The Week in Bites | 18th September 2011

A look at the rise of food on TV, a chef in Istanbul is determined to keep Turkey's culinary heritage alive and an exclusive interview with actress Eva Longoria

By FDL on

Food on TV

This week FDL asked restaurant critic and TV food judge, Gael Greene to offer her thoughts on the meteoric rise of food on TV.

Gael has been involved in the food industry for years and has had lots of experience working with food on TV. She brought a curious insight into the rise of food on TV and how she personally feels it's affecting people. She also gave her opinion on just why she thinks there is so much demand for food programmes on the box.

There was a look the evolution of food on TV with Kathleen Collin's book Watching What We Eat which documents the history of food on tv. Then there was a look at how food has now made its way to our mobile devices in the form of apps. And for those wanting to know more about the author there was a biography of Gael Greene.

Turkish delight

Flavors, tastes and techniques, just like a neglected race of animal, can become extinct. If people stop using particuoar ingredients or making dishes in the traditional way they can cease to exist. This week FDL met with chef Mehmet Gurs from Istanbul in Turkey.

He is at the front of a movement to discover, protect and highlight some of the traditional dishes of the area, dishes that without him may be forgotton. There was a great look at his work and how he has even enlisted the help of an anthropologist in his search for forgotton flavors.

In homage to his work there was a recipe for Hamsi Crisp with olive oil bread, a look at five Turkish street foods you shouldn't miss and why the chefs of Turkey are confident their food and heritage will soon be recognized on par with Italian and French cuisine.

The not so desperate housewife

This week FDL had a very special interview with Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. The actress and philanthropist is involved in a number of projects and one of her most recent has been the opening of her very own restaurant.

FDL met with Eva and discussed her decision to open her own place, her love of the kitchen and what her signature dish is. There was also a look at her cookbook, Eva's Kitchen and two of her favorite recipes. One for tortilla soup and the other for sweet and sticky blueberry muffins.

Also this week

FDL were invited to a very special event at the Villa Panna in Tuscanny. Here we met with chefs, Carlo Cracco, Roland Trettl and Anatoly Komm as the trio all shared a kitchen. While there FDL managed to film an exclusive video which was a real insight into how chefs create their dishes and how they're always happy to help and learn from each other.

Photo courtesy BravoTv

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