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The Week in Bites | 18th December 2011

The Week in Bites | 18th December 2011

Two friends in search of the perfect cookies, two chefs and some christmas food gift suggestions

By FDL on

The week in bites

It's been a really great week this week on FDL. First there was the foodie Christmas wish-list - 22 of the best gifts to buy your foodie riends this year. There was inside out champagne glasses, whiskey stones and foodie traveller survival kits - all very inspiring for your christmas gift ideas. There was also some tips on places to buy high quality knives online.

In search of the perfect cookie:

This week FDL travelled to France to meet the makers of michel-et-augustin biscuits. Michel de Rovira and Augustin Paluel-Marmont, two young Frenchmen with a passion for food, fun and a dream to make the best cookies in the world.

This is a tale of two friends intent on making something great without ever loosing the aspect of fun - a formula that's proving successful. They also managed to trick one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, as they pulled off one of the most audacious PR stunts ever.

And we couldn't travel all that way to meet the guys without asking them for one of their recipes - we were lucky enough to get one for Fondant au chocolat. There was also a look at a jam packed cookbook from these self proclaimed "troublemakers of taste". 

The urban chef

From France FDL were in East London to meet chef and pop up king, Nuno Mendes. We were there to meet and discuss some of his projects including The Loft Project - one of the first ever supper clubs and now an event that combines art and food, showcasing up and coming designers from in and around East London.

But this wasn't the only reason we were visiting - the major interest for FDL was his latest project: The Long Table - the first night time street market in East London. We also wanted to focus on the humble chef himself, a man who has worked hard to promote culture, art and improve his own local environment through his passion for food.

He gave us a recipe for charred leeks with white asparagus, hazelnuts and milk skin and there was also an interesting biography ofthe first chef we've ever come across who only offers guests a menu after they've finished all their courses.

Kitchen chemistry

Knowing how much we like to meet interestng and creative chefs it should be no surprise that we decided to visit chef Daniel Facon at his resturant, the Anteprima in a small northern town of Italy.

The chef is known for his scientific approach to cooking and for featuring an open plan kitchen with huge viewing window to allow guests at his restaraunt to watch the often mind boggling methods he uses to create his dishes. 

As well as speaking with the chef FDL managed to get some videos of his techniques in action. There were two in total - one in which Daniel prepares a salmon dish and the other showing him creating his very unique take on suckling pig. There was also a biography of Daniel and two recipes he gave exclusively to FDL - one titled Brezza and the other titled Orto.

Also this week

FDL took a scientific look at eggs - examining some of the theories behind making the perfect eggs.

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