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The Week In Bites <br> 17th February 2013

The Week In Bites
17th February 2013

This week we dove into the world of natural wines, caught up with Japanese food designer Ayako Suwa and attended Identita Golose 2013 in Milan

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The World of Natural Wines

The week began with a look at a rising movement in winemaking: natural wines. Their name is a little misleading, as not all natural wines are organic, although many are made using organic ingredients.

Essentially, natural wines are made using traditional techniques with no additives (few, if any). The idea is to create a wine as our ancentors did centuries ago, without modern technology and tools.

It's an interesting movement that is catching on. Get the inside scoop on natural wines cournety of FDL contributor James Brennan.

Ayako Suwa, A Designer for the Senses

From wine we went on to explore the world of food design. We met up with Tokyo-based designer Ayako Suwa to find out what inspires her many delectable creations.

In a frank Q&A interview, Suwa impressed us with her keen sense of style and curiosity of all things food. The way her mind works is amazing - give her just one word or brand and she'll create an entire concept around it.

Be sure to check out the gallery of her incredibly inspiring work here.

Milan's Identita Golose 2013

The week ended with a big boom courtesy of Identita Golose 2013, an annual gastronomic congress attended by some of the world's most renown chefs like Spain's Joan Roca, Italy's Massimo Bottura, American Daniel Humm and the UK's Ryan Clift.

The event took place from the 10-13th of February in Milan, Italy's fashion capital. International culinary talent took the stage to talk about their creative process, culinary inventions and their plans for the future.  

In case you missed it, here's a video of what happened at Identita Golose 2013.

In the blog

This week in the blog we brought you coverage of the chef cogress Identita Golose in Milan, news of the food films at the Berlinale and a fun infographic on corkage fees around the world.

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