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The Week in Bites | 15th May 2011

The Week in Bites | 15th May 2011

A recap of Fine Dining Lovers' best articles of the week

By FDL on

The JBF Awards

Monday saw the winners of the James Beard awards announced. Held once a year in America, the awards intend to highlight and give recognition to chefs, sommeliers, restaurant owners, designers, architects and more.

Taking place at the Avery Fisher Hall in New York the awards shine a spotlight on the culinary profession in America and are held in honor of American chef and culinary icon, James Beard. In homage to this American great FDL asked author and restaurant critic, Gael Greene, to write a piece about James.

The pair, who were acquaintances, formed City Meals on Wheels in 1981 a scheme which helps feed the aging housebound of New York City. The piece was an insightful look at James, interlaced with fond memories of the man himself. There was also some  great James Beard quotes from the charismatic chef and a closer look at some of those who picked up awards at this years JBF ceremony.  

The Poetic Butcher

Dario Cecchini, age 55, has been a butcher for 37 years – following in the footsteps of eight generations of his family - this master butcher has been described by the New York Times as "the most famous butcher in the world".

Upon finding out about Cecchini FDL knew they had to go meet the man in person and film a video interview with this self proclaimed 21st century butchet. A man who counts Elton John, Sting and Prince Charles amongst his customers. In this fascinating video the tuscan butcher took FDL on a journey, explaining his philosophy towards meat, his techniques and why he's so passionate about being a butcher.

He was also kind enough to let FDL have one of his recipes for a very special Chianti Tuna and also provided some tips and tricks on how to cook the perfect Florentine steak.

The Rooftop Revolution

All across New York rooftops are alive, bubbling with organic growth, as residents of the Big Apple join the "grow your own" revolution. Rooftop gardens are springing up throughout the city - a revolution said to have been catalyzed by Michelle Obama after she inaugurated the White House lawn not long after her husband took the seat as President.

This week FDL took a closer look at this new and emerging trend in eating local, personal and healthy food grown in urban gardens. There was also an atmospheric picture gallery and guide on how to start your own green revolution on the roof.

Food from the movies

To mark the beginning of Cannes Festival, FDL payed respect with "The Food Connections" - a tongue in cheek article that linked Jude Law to Uma Thurman, a sort of six degrees of separation with the links being made with food as the bridge.

This also led to some great suggestions from the FDL community for what food they'd most like to eat from the movies. There was secret sauce from Fried Green Tomatoes, Willy Wonka's candy forest and at least two people said they wanted to attend the magical feast from Hook - you can see them all here and there's still time to tell the rest of the FDL community what food you'd most like to eat from the movies here.

Coming up

FDL will be bringing another video in our master series, this time with a Massimo Spigaroli, a master producer of culatello di Zibello, a traditional Italian cured meat made from a special breed of pig. His meat is revered and served on plates at some of the world's best restaurants - this exclusive video will be an insight into the man, his techniques and one that's certainly not to be missed....

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