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The Week in Bites | 14th August 2011

The Week in Bites | 14th August 2011

A look at how science can help saving your sauces in the kitchen, the new food movement on wheels and a meeting at the Novecento museum in Milan

By FDL on

The science of sauces

Creating sauces in the kitchen can be difficult but it is one of the fundamentals to become a good chef: it involves techniques that with a little bit of advice and the appliance of science can be mastered easily.

This week FDL took a closer look at the science of sauces. If you worry about that perfect sauce curdling or that mayonnaise cracking right at the last minute then this is certainly a piece for you. 

There was also a great recipe for homemade mayonnaise, a list of some useful kitchen emulsions and FDL also tried to tackle the age old question of whisk or mixer?

Food on wheels

This week FDL focused on the gourmet food truck movement that's taken to the roads of LA offering healthy, fresh food from the back of a van.

Fresh guacamole for Mexican lovers, the best sushi for a healthy Japanese diet and vegan and organic recipes are all being offered at certain spots around LA as the food truck movement takes hold. The chefs who drive the trucks are even tweeting their menus daily to their loyal followers and customers.

There was also a tofu taco recipe for vegetarians inspired by one of the trucks and a look at the Ciao Bella Piadina a food truck in LA offering people a little taste of Italy.

Let's (m)eat at the Novecento museum

Carrying on with the Let's (m)eat at the museum series, which so far has seen FDL visit The Louvre in Paris and The Reina Sofia museum in Madrid. This week we were at the Novecento museum in Milan and discovered a masterpiece of patissery called The Bomba.

There is a guide on shopping around the Piazza Duomo in Milan and a recipe for the aforementioned, devilishly good cake: The Bomba.

Also this week

FDL slipped into the realm of surreal with a culinary face-off between two of Agatha Christie’s most popular detectives, Miss Marple and Poirot.

This tongue in cheek take on an encounter between the two was also coupled with an Agatha Christie biography and recipes for homemade apple pie and "mortal delight" dessert.

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