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The Week in Bites | 13th November 2011

The Week in Bites | 13th November 2011

A trip to meet the young chef with 3 Michelin stars, Andreas Caminada, an elBulli menu comes to London for the first time ever and a closer look at offal

By FDL on

To Switzerland
This week FDL were invited to visit chef Andreas Caminada and be guests at his three Michelin starred restaurant Schauenstein in Switzerland. A truly special invite and one FDL graciously accepted.

While visiting the restaurant, set within an 18th century Swiss castle, we managed to film an exclusive interview with one of the youngest chefs to ever be awarded three Michelin stars. A real insight into his work, passion and kitchen philosophy.

Andreas was also kind enough to provide not one but two recipes from his menu. One for seared trout with beets and peas and the other for roasted roe deer loin. There was also a biography of the chef for anyone wanting to know more about him and his work.

elBulli comes to London

When FDL found out that the famous food of Ferran Adrià's elBulli restaurant was to be served in London for the first time we knew we had to be there. The dinner, by chef Paco Roncero, was being hosted as part of Elton John's annual charity ball and the only way to do it was from behind the scenes in the kitchen.

For this we called on the expertise of our newest columist Luciana Bianchi who being a trained chef and journalist was perfectly postioned. She was in the kitchen to lend a hand and of course bring FDL an exclusive backstage look at one of the biggest charity dinners of the year. It was a fascinating insight into the chef, his staff and some of the magical food they prepare. From spherification tapas to liquid nitrogen and candy floss, the 700 guests and VIP's were fed like royalty during the evening.

We also managed to bring you a photogallery, an interview with Paco, two cocktail recipes: One for the elBulli Martini and the other for a red carpet cocktail by Cristian Loboutin, and if that wasn't enough there was also a biography of Paco for those wanting to know more about this unflapable, triathlete chef.

Offal-ly good

Once seen as the food of the poor, offal has gone through somewhat of a revival in recent years as some of the world's best chefs, including Heston Blementhal and Thomas Keller, start to focus on using ingredients from the offal family for their rich and iron packed flavour.

This week FDL took a closer look at the ongoing offal revival as we looked at some of the famous offal dishes gracing the menus of some of the best restaurants in the world. There was a look at Massimo Bottura's veal tongue with pickled apple, passion fruit and coriander sauce and how American chef, Chris Casentino has opened a special room at his restaurant, Casentino where he can serve an entire pig from nose to tail to 17 guests.

There were also two offal recipes, one for Romana tripe and the other for stuffed veal ears. And FDL also published some information on the high nutitional content of many of foods in the offal family.

Also this week

FDL travelled to Sydney, to bring you a foodie tour of the city with some of the best bars, restaurants and markets to visit when in Australia.

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