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The Week in Bites | 12th June 2011

The Week in Bites | 12th June 2011

Read the best this Fine Dining Lovers' week

By FDL on

The pasta twins

This week FDL took a big bite of the Italian staple dish pasta. Most people have eaten it and with its many forms and varieties it plays a vital part in hundreds of dishes - but the difference between shop bought and freshly made pasta is immense.

With this in mind FDL travelled to the italian city of Bologna to meet the famous Simili sisters. With a combined age of a 150-years the pair have prepared more pasta than most. While with the charismatic twins FDL filmed a great tutorial video showing a step-by-step guide on how quick and easy it can be to make fresh homemade egg dough pasta.

This is the beginning of a six part series in which the duo will show you everything there is to know about pasta. There was also a biography of the women and a look at some of the cookbooks they have written together.

Too many cooks in the kitchen

The old fable 'too many cooks in the kitchen' can be applied to many a life situation and if you had a kitchen with 17 chefs you may think it applied to them - that is unless the chefs are there to prepare a South Korean Banquet. This traditional meal known as a Royal Court Banquet consists of no less than 70 dishes prepared by chefs who each have a very particular particular part to play in the preparation of the meal.

This week FDL took a closer look at this ancient tradition and how in some parts of South Korea this extravagant dining style is making a come back. There was also an interesting piece about the tradition of eating dog meat in South Korea and a piece all about Kimchi, a local Korean dish prepared with cabbage, Chili pepper and garlic or onions. It is so highly revered and so widely eaten in south Korea there is even a museum in the dishes honor.

Mario, Pacman and Alex the Kid

As well as all being computer game characters the one thing that these retro classics have in common is that the leading protagonists all had to eat some form of food while whizzing threw a 2D platform fantasy world. In fact when you come to examine computer games you find that there is a lot of themes that borrow from humans daily need to feed.

After realising this FDL decided to take a closer look at the food relationships found in thousands of todays games with 'A virtual Hunt for Food'. There was also a look at some of the cooking games available on the market and an interesting story about how Pacman came to be - clue - it involves one of the most famous italian dishes.

Also this week

There was a charming interview with the Author and all round food lover Ian Sansom - a look at some interesting food festivals and tours in Northern Ireland and a piece about every cooks magic wand, their knife.

FDL are also happy to announce that a You Tube channel included all the FDL videos to date has been launched allowing users to sit and watch them again and again - we'll be updating it with all the new content from the site so if you want to know as soon as new videos are uploaded visit the channel and subscribe.

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