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The Week in Bites | 11th September 2011
Photo Emily Crane

The Week in Bites | 11th September 2011

A look at the rise of edible fashion, a wine masterclass with Andreas Larsson and a very special selection of photographs all in this weeks FDL

By FDL on

Fish and pics

This week FDL had a very special encounter with the Californian photographer and fisherman, Corey Arnold. During a rare moment on dry land FDL caught up with Corey to talk about his love of enviromentally friendly fishing and of course the wonderful photos he takes while away at sea.

The piece was a rare glimpse of man vs nature and showed how Corey has managed to document this struggles at sea through his life-long project, Fish Work. This is a catalogue of images he shot while working on the ships and the gallery provided for FDL is a glimpse of some of his amazing and often perilous shots.

There was also a round up of festivals in Alaska where Corey spends much of his time, a look at some of his books and exhibitions and a recipe for Alaskan Halibut.

Glass class

Wine is great, it comes in many forms, varieties, flavours and tastes but it's not always easy to know to understand and fully appreacite appreciate wine. That's why this week FDL started a new series with award winning sommelier, Andreas Larsson.

The series will be compiled of a set of videos with the wine master as he trys to pass on and teach some of his knowledge to others. In the first video he showed FDL all about the things you should never do with wine.

From what type of glass to serve it in to what temperature it should be stored at Larsson covers all the basics for turning you into a wine tasting pro.

There was also a biography of Larsson those wanting to learn more about the Swedish born sommelier, four golden rules for tasting wine and some great pairing suggestions for wine and food.

A matter of taste

In keeping with Milan's vogue fashion party this week FDL took a look at fashion from a food perspective. Edible fashion is a growing trend with a number of designers now choosing to use food and food products to not only inspire but produce their designs.

The piece looked at the work of Milan based designer, Fulvio Bonavia and presented a wonderful picture gallery of some of his work: from broccoli bags to a belt made from anchovies. There was also a look at the work of Emily Crane a London designer who actually grows edible wearable items in her lab using techniques borrowed from molecular gastronomy.

There was also a look at the book A Matter of Taste and a round up of some very designer food items.

Also this week

There was an interesting piece on mushrooms that brought 26 interesting fungi facts and a look at the hidden seduction powers of meat.

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