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The Week In Bites<br>07th October 2012

The Week In Bites
07th October 2012

A look at how to eat sushi correctly, an interview with chef Theo Randall and a look at the 10 smelliest cheeses on the planet

By FDL on

Sushi Perfection

This week we brought you the second episode in our series on How to Eat Difficult foods. We've already tackled spaghetti and this week we took a look at the Japanese tradition of sushi.

Sushi is now consumed all over the world but how should it be eaten traditionally. How should you dip? Can you cut your sushi roll in half and do you have to use chopsticks?

All this and more was examined as we set out to learn just how to eat sushi the proper way.

London Loves Italian

Theo Randall describes himself as a British chef with an Italian soul. He's been a partner at the River Cafe and mor erecently opened a new restaurant inside the Intercontinental Hotel in London.

This week FDL sat down with Theo to discuss the growing popularity of traditional Italian food in London. With new figures suggesting that Italian is now the most popular food inside the capital it's interesting to hear why Theo thinks this is.

He talks about the rise of ingerdients and the increased respect thoughout the UK for the Italian style of cooking. Theo also offered up some of his exclusive Italian recipes for Fine Dining Lovers new Perfect Host app.

10 Stinky Cheeses

We brought you a list of the 10 smelliest cheeses on the planet. From Camembert to one called the stinking bishop - FDL examined exactly what it is that makes some cheeses pong so powerful.

We has one that was banned from public transport in France and another that was described by a 19th century writer as: “... like the carcasses of animals which peasants cover with branches as they lie rotting in the hedgerow under the blazing sun."

This is a super smelly list of cheeses.

In The Blog

We brought you some amazing pictures from the Alinea @ EMP swap, some news from Ferran Adria on his new Nikkei restaurant in Barcelona and a round up of all the new entries in the 2013 Michelin Guide for New York.

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