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Visual Feast: Visual Explorations of Food
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Visual Feast: Visual Explorations of Food

A selection of pictures from a new book which reveals how Food Photography and staging can become Art.

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In a time when sharing food photos on Social Media has become part of our daily lives, publisher Gestalten has released a new book on food staging and photography as a source of visual and artistic exploration. 

Visual Food. Contemporary Food Staging and Photography explores different styles of capturing food and dishes in pictures created for publishing in food magazines and books, to be shared on Instagram or even transformed into infographics.

Secrets of Food Photography

Food has deep roots in our pop-culture, as well as being an interesting subject for professional photographers. In our Social Media era, food photography is also beginning to interest chefs, who might even now consider how a dish will look in pictures when plating it.

Visual Feast shows how food stylists and photographers creates visual artifices to innovate the ways of representing food in mouth-watering images. From still lifes inspired by Caravaggio’s paintings to colorful pop images, and surrealistic and eccentric photos, the book reveals incredible techniques in capturing edible delights in an artistic way.

We have selected just a few of the amazing pictures in Visual Feast: enjoy the gallery at the top of the page!


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