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Vico Chefs' Party, the Joy of Cooking
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Vico Chefs' Party, the Joy of Cooking

In front of the sea and against the Vesuvio chef Gennaro Esposito welcomes some of Italy’s best chefs and less-famous talents for the pure celebration of food

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It’s been said that today’s starred chefs are like the designers of the 1980s – famous enough to appear on television shows, magazine covers and book tours, and considered with so much reverence and respect that sometimes we almost lose sight of the fact that what chefs really do is... cook. And in order to get to know chefs, what you need to do is eat their food.

It is with this concept in mind that Gennaro Esposito, the owner of the two-Michelin starred restaurant Torre del Saracino (in the town of Vico Equense, on the Sorrentine peninsula), decided to host some of Italy’s best chefs at his own restaurant and ask them to express themselves in their own language: the language of food. Over the years, he’s brought both marquis names as well as emerging talents to this charming seaside location, right in front of Vesuvio – a location that adds uniqueness to this already very special initiative. Without the flash of television cameras or sequined evening gowns, Esposito puts on a party based on great food and an easy atmosphere: a brigade of Michelin-starred chefs cooking, side by side, for the guests in an utterly informal, convivial manner.

Need a clove of garlic? Just ask your neighbour. This is the kind of party where anything can happen. On what other occasion can you watch as the renowned Roman chef, Anna Dente, prepares her glorious Amatriciana (no room for macrobiotic or molecular cuisine here) just inches awsay form Moreno Cedroni who uses tweezers to place Japanese algae atop a turbot fish that’s been marinated for hours. And on what other occasion do chefs like Ernesto Iaccarino, Antonino CannavacciuoloMauro Uliassi, and Andrea Berton get a chance to take off their aprons and chat with the food-loving public about cooking and football, love and politics. Just like “regular” guests at a great party.

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