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The New Vegan Universe Goes Mainstream

The New Vegan Universe Goes Mainstream

Vegans and vegetarians are finally getting themselves heard when it comes to restaurants offering menus that are adequate to their culinary preferences.

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Once upon a time, in a not-too-far-away city, a very hungry vegetarian and a very hungry vegan were on their lunchbreak, searching for fast food. If this was a fairy tale, up until recently the story wouldn’t have had a happy ending and our characters would have gone back to work with empty bellies. But today, with the ever increasing numbers of people choosing to eliminate meat and animal products from their diet, should more and more fast food chains adapt a new ending to the story?

In the past years many restaurant chains have included at least one vegetarian option to their menus. Menus are different from country to country, for example in India where 50% the population is mostly vegetarian for religious issues. Big chains are starting to look into offering new proposals to their clients keeping in mind it needs to be bio and in season.

In six years, Veggie Grill opened about 20 places in between California, Oregon and Washington with an all vegan rich and delicious menu. You will want to try everything: from the starters buffalo and chill out wings, side plates of MacnCheese with gluten free quinoa accompanied by a delicious vegetable cheese dip. In addition: soups, salads, chili, burgers (even vegan-crab), tacos, wraps and dessert.

Veganburg in Singapore has different sale points including one at the local market. You can pick omega 3 or 6 burgers and zinc, high in anti-oxidants, rich in copper and potassium, a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin K. Kids can leave their old toys as a gift, or a written message for other kids and participate in the Toy Swap. 

In Europe, vegetarian fast food spots are sprouting up by the day: the Dutch chain Vegetarian Butcher has more than 500 sales points in Northern Europe and is proving to be tough competition for the more traditional chains. In Paris East Side Burger offers vegetarian sandwiches or the kitch menu which consists of a Quiche Lorraine, French Fries or colesaw and a drink. In Italy, the first entirely vegan chain, Universo Vegano, has opened 10 shops in just 6 months throughout Milan, Turin, Rome and Cagliari on the island of Sardinia, with gluten free options and organic ingredients. In brief, there is a demand for a fast, healthy and sustainable way to eat. So we can imagine lunch break stories fulfilling their happy endings – all over the world.

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