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Vegan Bbq, the Best Animal-Free Grill Ideas

Vegan Bbq, the Best Animal-Free Grill Ideas

From vegetables to tofu, all the best vegan bbq ideas and techniques: invite your vegan friends over and have them taste your 100% vegetable barbecue.

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Gone are Easter's bucolic and romantic “dejeuner sur l'herbe” , it's time to toughen up and put our meal to the sword. Our home garden, our building's rooftop, at the park, fire up the cinder and let everyone know you are about to serve the best barbecue around! You are like Marge Simpson ready to satisfy all appetites and especially her daughter Lisa’s ethical food choices. You invite your vegan friends over and have them taste your 100% vegetable barbecue. Remember to greet everyone beer in hand while rocking the bbq grill!

Magic tofu, tempeh and seitan will come to your rescue while making the best vegetables in season. The secret is how you marinate the ingredients: only use firmly pressed tofu, take out all the water, marinate with apple vinegar, fresh anise, coriander seeds and agave juice; the grill must be flaming hot while you keep brushing it with the marinade: the agave juice will create a caramelized crust. Chop the seitan in rectangles and put them on a wooden stick, like a popsicle, and to make them taste like seitan ribs brush with a delicious barbeque sauce. Marinate the steak tempeh with white wine, hot green peppers and fennel seeds, add some agave juice and put on the grill. These are perfect in an avocado, tomatoes and mayo sandwich, and of course 100% vegan.

Wrap your potatoes in aluminum foil and throw them under the cinders: you can serve jacked potatoes with cashew cream and chives. You need to soak the cashews in water the night before and press with lime juice, salt and water until you get a velvety cream and then add the chives.

The best summer vegetables are eggplants, peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes (we suggest you use big and crunchy tomatoes). You can toss them with an Italian sauce, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, chopped parsley, garlic, and scallions cut in circles. Cut the peppers and take out the seeds, crush them, cut the tomatoes in half, cut the eggplants and zucchini in large pieces of 2 cm. Grill both sides for a few minutes and let it marinate.

Big and fresh Portobello or Pleurotus mushrooms are great in a bbq! Add some oil and put on the grill until they are done. Serve with a corn flake crumble (unsweetened), freshly chopped coriander, salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and chopped cherry tomatoes. You can also create an emulsion using one part of soymilk, 2 and 1/2 parts coconut oil (don't use another kind if you want to follow this particular recipe) and some salt. You will get a soft cream to use over chopped oregano leafs dripped in spicy paprika. Leave the cream in the fridge for at least four hours, the coconut oil with help it condense and it will look like salted butter, perfect for the corn cobs! Still not convinced you can pull off a deliciously gourmet yet vegan BBQ? Try 125 Fired-Up Recipes to Turn Every Bite into a Backyard BBQ in John Schlimm's book “Grilling Vegan Style”.

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