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Airline Vegan Food: Animal-Free and Special Meals on the Plane

Airline Vegan Food: Animal-Free and Special Meals on the Plane

Whether you're vegan, like a raw diet, or gluten intolerant, here's some tips on getting a special meal when you fly: from international codes to menus.

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Whether you are going on vacation or traveling for business you can make sure you get a special meal on the plane, even if you are flying economy. Flight companies are starting to rely more and more on chefs and catering services to create specific travel menus that are inviting and match your dietary needs.

Vegan and vegetarians are no exception: you have to book your special meal by following an international procedure that is the same for each company and easy to do. You have to book your meal when you book your flight and choose between the different options; here are some of the delicious options you will find on your flight.

If you are a vegan your best option is VGML: no animal products including no eggs and no dairy. It’s usually boiled or grilled vegetables and a salad, fruit and a juice. However you get the same bread as everyone else, one which is made with milk and butter. Not sure you get a non-dairy creamer with you coffee either. VLML is the code for a traditional vegetarian dish with fruits, raw or cooked vegetables, eggs, cheese and dairy can be served.

If you are flying to Asia or aboard an Asian airline, you can also find this option: VOML, a vegan meal with vegetables and rice or rice noodles followed by fruit. No animal products or by-products such as eggs or even roots and bulbous. It’s a great alternative if you want a vegan meal as well as a gluten-free one: it’s better because the GFML (gluten free) meal usually includes meat and cheese. If you are traveling to India you can choose the AVML, Asian Vegetarian Meal: an aromatic vegetarian meal with spices, vegetables, fruit and dairy products such the traditional paneer cheese.

If you are a vegan you should get the VJML, Vegetarian Jain Meal, it’s “Pure Vegetarian” according to the religious community Jain, there are no animal products as well as no onions, garlic, mushrooms and potatoes, carrots, ginger and so on… Raw diet followers also find their match: you can book a Raw Vegetable Meal, RVML, raw vegetables and salad. Same for fruitarians and the Fruit Platter, code FPML, a selection of seasonal fresh fruits.

Always ask for a confirmation when you are going through check-in. These special meals are usually avaible on long flights, if you are flying domestic you will get a snack or breakfast, better to buy something more appropriate before you board directly at the airport.

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