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Valentine's Day Memories of Love and Food

Valentine's Day Memories of Love and Food

FDL asked the community for some Fun valentines memories of love and food - Here are their answers together with some thoughts on men and romance.

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As a man of 26 years I've had my fair share of Valentine experiences. The“I'm a young adult", after inviting my girlfriend to the local, posh and very expensive restaurant” - all paid for by dad of course. The, “I'm such a Casanova, after staying at home to prepare your romantic dinner”, a meal created at least three times in the past (my fail safe fall back romance dish of choice). And the “I love you so damn much I used every last penny to take you to Paris", or some equally romantic retreat, I'm thinking a weekend bird watching in the outer hebrides of Scotland. 

Anyway, we all know Valentine’s day comes in many shapes and sizes and some people really do go for it. You know the ones, those cupid reincarnations. The ones for whom every act seems to signify some deep rooted romantic Romeo, the people with amazing stories of 'spontaneous romance' and love. But let me tell you something, they only have these stories for one reason - one half of the couples was a planner. 

My Food Romance story is dinner where we knew the chef. Menu themed on places we'd been together. Paris, Madrid, and 4 dessert, Rome.

Mini brioches with crab-meat, prosecco cocktails, choco fondue and sauterne. Boozy sweet mad, perched on a Paris roof.

Two primes examples of Valentine's day planners. The first manages to convince a chef, on what is possibly the biggest night of the year, to cook a themed menu. The second, even better, manages to do a recce before the big day and find a suitable Parisian roof to serve dinner to his lover. Highly commendable work from both I'd say. 


Moving on, there's the 'fake spontaneity' Valentines. These often seem like the best, but coming from a man's perspective, even these involve some sort of planning. The 'he just surprised me', or 'we just ate from tin cans', even the 'he just wrote my name in the snow' - trust me, this didn't just happen, because romance and man in the same sentence doesn't happen without some sort of logistical planning - it just doesn't come naturally to us...

@lara_jo Impromptu Valentine's day picnic on the living room floor...cheese, pate, wine & warmth - perfect!

I can hear all the women cooing as they go weak at the knees reading about Lara Jo's lovely man and his 'spontaneous' indoor picnicing. But trust me when I say: "impromptu Valentines and men don't mix" - we just don't do it. He planned this picnic, in fact he didn't quite plan it well enough to find a suitable location - hence the choice of  living room floor.


For all our planning, fake spontaneity, thoughts of love and general want to please the woman in our life. We often get it terribly wrong:we plan too much, don't plan enough, or cupid just decides that tonight isn't our night. And it's these events that can unfortunatly lead to the "disaster date'.

@dyalnsatow First ever date, treated girl to take away pizza, put in oven to warm up, still in box and set fire to the kitchen.

@marinapape On our first date (a picnic) my BF and I were mugged at knifepoint & tied up. He chewed thru the rope to rescue me...

@R_j_kingI once made salmon, oysters and lemon cake for a romantic meal - but we both got very sick.

Fire, theft and food poisoning - we really will go through a lot in the name of love. In reference to the first, we checked and no one died. The second, completely verified by the Hout Bay police department, she is of course still with the man and his incredibly strong jaw. The third, well that's from me and with hindsight, a salmon, oyster and lemon cake was always going to be a risky flavor combination. 

But as much as we, or even I, knock romance and begin to feel the pressure of a big day like Valentines. There is something inherently nice about trying to flatter the one you love, and there is something even nicer when that love is sparked, continued or even reaffirmed with 'thanks to food'

@jolie_311The first time the love of my life made me breakfast. Pancakes with maple syrup and crushed almonds. Side of strawberries and coffee.

@LittleRedFoodie My food romance, making falafel. Man U like, kitchen, friends, he has big hands so I help him, first time we got dirty together

@charliegeorge11st wedding anniversary, picked mussels in Anglesey - cooked over a fire and tent, drinking champers out of tin mugs.

@butterfingersZAI knew I loved @jhnepic when we shared our first pizza and both wanted the same thing

@gorgeousBlogFood Romance: using my chocolate brownies to show my lovely man that becoming 'official' was a very good idea

It's these shared moments of love over food that I appreciate most. No matter if it comes from a plan, a spontaneous evening or an outright disaster. Ok, us men don't think romantically but we do try, sometimes too much and sometimes not enough - the good thing is we do try, and often with all odds stacked against us, we seem to get it right. 

For me, what approach will I take this year? Well my lady is currently thousands of miles away living on a desert island. So, I'll probably save the extra special tin of Valentine's beans for her return and have my usual mid-week tipple of oysters, caviar and a nice glass of 1928 Krug Champagne.

Special thanks to everyone who helped with #FoodRomance and big shout outs for Ishay @foodandthefab, Marnely@nella22@FoodSafariUK and Monica @thespiceclub

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