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Frescobaldi, Seven Centuries of Tuscan Wines | Video

FDL travelled to Tuscany to meet Frescobaldi Marquises, who have been producing top Italian wines for 700 years, bringing together tradition and innovation

By FDL on

Our journey begins in the Tuscan Castle of Nipozzano, 25 kilometers from Florence, where the special climate and sourroundings manage to produce great aged wines. In the Nipozzano estate Frescobaldi Marquises produces three red wines: a Chianti Rufina called Nipozzano, a reserve Chianti Rufina called Montesodi, and Mormoreto, an expression of the Cabernet Sauvignon.

But it's not just a prestigious inheritance from the past: it's a style that brings together tradition and innovation. Frescobaldi are very committed creating the Ammiraglia, in the Tuscan province of Grosseto, where they have been producing wine since 1999 in a very innovative cellar, a sort of "eyelid" designed without any sharp corners.

Join FDL in this exclusive journey on the timeline of Tuscan wines. Because, like Lamberto Frescobaldi reminded us: "You can't fall too much in love with the past: it's what happens tomorrow that's most important".

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