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The Blogger's Dinner is Served

The Blogger's Dinner is Served

A collection of top recipes from food bloggers. From soup right through to dessert, enjoy a unique menu sourced from food bloggers all over the world.

By FDL on

When on the subject of recipes, there’s a very special category of foodies: those people who love being in the kitchen – experimenting, creating, and most of all, “sharing”. All rigorously online: we’re talking, of course, about food bloggers: those who harbour the same passion about cooking and eating as any true gourmet. Today, Fine Dining Lovers has a special menu to propose, made up entirely of their recipes. 

We’ll bet that you’ve never thought of combining, in the same recipe, pears, pumpkin and tomatoes. But luckily, the cook, author and food blogger, Laurel Evans, did. And the flavour combination makes for one delicious soup, whose density and temperature can be customized to suit the season and your personal preference. You’ll be surprised at how the taste changes whether it’s enjoyed steaming hot or at room temperature.

Here is Chiara Maci’s recipe for homemade Passatelli pasta, from the blog Sorelle in Pentola. It’s a very traditional kind of pasta from the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, delicious when eaten in broth, but also great eaten “dry”, with seafood or shellfish sauce. If you choose the classic broth version, make it out of chicken or beef stock. And if at all possible, don’t use a bouillon cube.

As a main course, we’ve suggested turkey – but in a non-holiday version: made as lightly-floured scallop lightly pan friend with a touch of butter. The important part, as always, is in the quality of the ingredients: Paul Kelly of Kelly Bronze Turkeys, whose family has been producing turkeys for over 25 years, explains how to choose a good one. And while there’s still a long time to wait until the next Thanksgiving holiday, there’s no reason why a great cranberry sauce can’t be enjoyed year-round. A suggestion by a true fine dining lover: don’t give in to the temptation of making it with frozen berries – the flavour won’t even come close.

And as for dessert? We’ve chosen a chocolate bar. Sure, there are dozens an dozens of versions, but we find this recipe from Heather Scholten and her blog Farmgirl Gourmet to be extremely refined. You’ll get about ten from a single batch. In the very unlikely event that you have some left over, you can conserve them in the refrigerator.


Roasted pumpkin and pear soup

Homemade Passatelli pasta

Cranberry-sauce with turkey escaloppe

Marx 'bark' chocolate bar

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