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The Week in Bites | 30th October 2011

The Week in Bites | 30th October 2011

A trip to Le Grand Fooding in Milan, a meeting with one of the world's best chefs, Davide Scabin and a trip to the Highlands for a whiskey distillery tour

By FDL on

Italian do it best - but do they really ?

FDL started this week with a very interesting question. Does pasta made and prepared in Italy taste better than when it's made in other countries. Very philosophical but this was a question posed by Le Grand Fooding at their most recent event held in Milan.

Any question involving food intrigues FDL so with that in mind we headed to the event to see what it was all about. The article was an interesting look at how region and geography can all play role in defining how a dish tastes.

There was also three great recipes: One for squid hots dogs, one for a very special dish of bread, oil and anchovies and one for spaghetti. There was also a great picture gallery from the event that showed just what a marvelous dinner experience was had by all.

The playful chef

Always on the hunt for exclusive video interviews, this weel FDL were invited to Turin to meet the two Michelin starred chef, Davide Scabin. His work at the restaurant has seen him win many awards including being crowned 28th on the S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants List.

FDL were lucky enough to meet with Davide in the scenic location of his restaurant, Castle of Rivol. We also spent some time with him as he relaxed on the golf course. The video was a fascinating insight into the chef, his work and his own charming character that is often personified in his very fun, playful food.

There was also a biography of Davide , a recipe for his world famous check list salad and an amazing picture gallery of some of his signature dishes, including cyber-eggs and virtual oysters.

Whiskey in Scotland

FDL were very lucky this week when we were invited to take a gourmet whiskey distiillery tour in Scotland. A third of the world's UK supply of whiskey comes from the country and FDL decided to vist the some of the countries oldest and most renowned distilleries.

As well as this look at the tradition of producing whiskey there was some great tips for how to taste and fully appreciate a great whiskey, some advice on what foods pair well with the drink and a more detailed look at single malt whiskey and what factors provide its distinct flavour.

Also this week

FDL took a trip to the German capital, Berlin. While there we examined the rise of the staple German food, Currywurst. How the dish came about and why its origins may not be as German as people think.

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