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The Week In Bites | 25th March 2012

The Week In Bites | 25th March 2012

A look at the third wave coffee movement, Ferran Adria's new website and 26 interesting things you may not know about potato

By FDL on

The Third Wave Coffee Movement
This week we started with a spring in our step as we ventured out to try single cup coffee in America. Examining the third wave of coffee suppliers now appearing all over America we offered some tips on the best places to try this new kind of gourmet coffee experience. One that see roasts as deep and complex as wines and brews that can take up to five minute.

We also had a look at single cup coffee makers and how you can make it yourself at home and for anyone intent on buying a single cup coffee machine we looked at some of the best on the market. A real high octane caffeine fueled story of the day.

Potato Facts
The humble potato, not loud nor boisterous, brash nor bold- just steady, versatile and supporting - the big brother of the vegetables and something found in thousands of dishes from all over the world is an interested vegetable.

There are hundreds of variations of it and it's so interesting we managed to find 26 things you might know about potato in this weeks Potato A-Z. Like did you know there is a potato database? Or that Germany is the world's power in potato production?

The Food Factor
If you like food and if you think yourself a bit of a cook, you've probably watched masterchef at some point. Now available around in the world - the show, which pits amateur chefs against each other is a huge success and a format sure to continue for at least another few years - but in India and Pakistan they've taken it one step further.

A new show called Foodistan takes chefs from India and Pakistan and has them compete in challenges. All the rounds follow a theme such as biryani with two teams of six – one for India and one for Pakistan – to discover and crown which nation cooks the best cuisine. Apart from the obvious tension this creates the show also examines the two nation's foods and explores the history and culture of certain dishes. It's also helping to make a political statement something which we examined in the piece.

Best of the Blog
Labullipedia: Ferran Adria's announcement that he plans to open a Wikipedia style website for modern cuisine that will be educational and free to all. We found quite possibly the best food party trick ever using milk and an exciting project from a photographer who has a novel way of combining music vinyl and desserts.

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