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The Week In Bites | 17th March 2012

The Week In Bites | 17th March 2012

A graphical look at Ramen noodles, two of the worlds best chefs cooking together, Mad Men food trends and Rene Redzepi on the Cover of Time Magazine

By FDL on

Ramen Infograph

Ramen noodles are massive - not in length but popularity with 95 billion plates of it served worldwide in 2011 alone. They have a rich history and great diversity which makes them the prefect subject to examine for an infograph. They're eaten all over the world and did you know that Japanese people voted ramen noodles as the best invention of the 20th century?

The infograph was kindly provided by the team at and is full of great Ramen facts, figures and interesting finds.

A fusion of flavours

We're often lucky at FDL HQ to receive invites to special events and sometimes wher really lucky to be allowed to take our cameras. A few weeks ago we were invited to a special fusion dinner with the two chefs, Alexa Atala and Andrea Berton.

Atala from Brazil and Berton from Italy were cooking together for the first time at the world famous two michelin star restaurant Trussardi alla Scala in Milan. A lucky occasion to see a rare fusion of flavours by two of the best chefs in the world - something we had to attend and something we're happy to share with you in our exclusive video.

Mad Men Fever

The HBO Tv series Mad Men, centered around a group of employees at an advertising agency in America during the 50s. The series has become extremely popular and that popularity has spawned a number of spin off products, cookbooks, virtual parties, tasting tours and even an ice cream.

Just before the launch of the fifth season we rounded up some of the best Mad Men inspired food trends.

In the Blog

We brought news of Ferran Adria's new Mexican restaurant planned for 2012 in Barcelona. The launch of the 2012 Main Cities of Europe Michelin Guide and the shock announcement that the Danish chef Rene Redzepi became one of the first chefs ever to feature on the cover of Time Magazine.

We also brought you pictures of some amazing art from Shay Arron who makes miniature food so small you can fit it on your finger and a video of a german TV presenter boiling an ipad.

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