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The Week in Bites<br>9th February 2014

The Week in Bites
9th February 2014

A look at how food companies are now accepting Bitcoin as payment, how to be a critic at the table and 26 baguette based facts.

By FDL on

Bits for Bites

This week we took a look at the rise of the Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is a digital form of cash that, although beginning with a small number of tech minded individuals online, is something that's now being accepted as a payment method by a number of food and drink outlets.

We looked at the rise of Bitcoin, how it's actually created and how one man's pizza payment for 10,000 bitcoins would today be worth around $8 million.

We also brought you a great interactive map that shows you exactly which restaurants, bars and cafes around the world accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Be a Critic at The table

From here we looked at the world of the professional food critic with a new book from the food journalist and critic Roberta Schira.

The book looks at the rise of the the online reviewer with sites like Trip Advisor and how even though there's now hundreds of guides, there really is no full proof criteria for what makes a good dining experience.

The piece also offers up 7 points to take into consideration when trying to evaluate a good or bad meal.

Baguettes A-Z

To finish up the week we took a look at one of life's greatest foods, the baguette.

From Napoleon to Fendi, from tartines to vending machines we highlighted 26 interesting facts you probably don't know when it comes to baguettes.

You can see the Baguette A-Z here, enjoy!


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