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The Week in Bites<br>6th July 2014

The Week in Bites
6th July 2014

This week at FDL we explored the vocabulary of cheese, discussed the evolution of Indian food and got a taste of the fabulous dishes from The Vegetarian Chance.

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A Cheesy Alphabet

This week at Fine Dining Lovers we explored the world of cheese. More precisely, we navigated the different terms used in describing cheeses. Is a cheese aged? Creamy? Does it have notes of caramel?

We found some answers thanks to university researchers who have come up with a cheese alphabet. Knowing how to describe a good English cheddar just got a whole lot easier!

21st Century Indian Cuisine

From cheese we shifted our attention to Indian food, a cuisine that has more than 5,000 years of history. Modernist Indian chefs want the cuisine of their home country to be vibrant, cutting edge and sometimes served with a molecular twist.

The debate then is: how do you blend tradition and innovation? Read the discussion Indian chefs had about what they hope for the future of Indian food.

The Vegetarian Chance

The week ended with a bang as we took a look at the magnificent dishes created during The Vegetarian Chance, a contest dedicated to vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Eight European chefs gathered in Switzerland and later Italy to compete in the last leg of the food festival.

They created amazing plant-based dishes and competed for the top spot, which went to Italian chef Daniela Cicioni. Check out the mouthwatering vegan dishes the chefs cooked up for the competition.

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