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The Week in Bites <br> 31st March 2013

The Week in Bites
31st March 2013

A mini guide to food hashtags, 26 wheat based facts, an interview with a New York food blogger and a look at Noma's new coffee service.

By FDL on

26 Wheaty Facts

The week started out with a fun and fact filled look at wheat with our latest A-Z.

We set out 26 interesting wheat based facts for people to get stuck into - from the fact that wheat dates back to around 9000 BC and that the genetic sequence of wheat is actually 4 times longer that the human one.

It's a great look at a product that's found in numerous products, eaten all over the world everyday and one that most people don't actually know so much about.

Forget meaty facts, here's some wheaty ones.

# - A Guide to Food Hashtags

They're everywhere #nomnom, #delicious, #foodporn - since twitter and photosharing sites like Instagram became popular so to did the use of hashtags.

They're a quick way to label pictures or tweets and link them to particular topics online and an even better way to group a whole list of relevant pictures in one place. #Chocolate for example on Instagram will reveal thousands of photos of chocolate in many forms.

This week we decided to delve a little deeper into the world of food hashtags at FDL and bring you a mini guide for how, why and when to use them in your tweets and pictures.

The Art of Food Blogging

As part of our new series The Art of Food Blogging we've been scouring the web for interesting food bloggers to interview.

This week we met with Lindsay Feinberg who runs the Lunch Belle blog - a site that reviews restaurants around New York.

We spoke with Lindsay about how she started her blog, why she began writing restaurant reviews and her apparent love for Mexican food.

In the Blog

We brought you the amazing video of how to Sous Vide cook a whole chicken, news of a new coffee service at Noma in Copenhagen and a nice interview with Ferran Adria about the sale of elBulli's wine collection.


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