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The Week in Bites<br>30th December 2012

The Week in Bites
30th December 2012

A trip to Lapland to dissect Santa's diet, the six golden rules for hosting the perfect dinner party and some tips and tricks on how to eat soup

By FDL on

What Does Santa Actually Eat?

To bring in Christmas in style this week FDL travelled to Northern Finland to discover exactly what Santa likes to eat.

Living in the town of Rovaniemi in Lapland, a place that has eight different seasons that allow Santa to have a fairly varied diet.

We looked at wild plants, berries, fresh fish and mushrooms all on offer in this part of the world and some of the delicacies devoured by the locals of Lapland.

It was an interesting culinary look at a part of the world often forgotten when talking about food.

How to Eat Soup?

As part of FDL's new series on how to eat difficult foods we've already disected a number of dishes such as Spaghetti and Lobster.

This week we decided to look at soup and just how to eat soup perfectly at any dinner table.

We brought you all the tips required to avoid dripping, slashing and the dreaded slurp that many people make when trying to enjoy a bowl of delicious soup.

The Golden Hosting Rules

With Christmas and New Year comes many dinner parties and with that in mind we brought you FDL's six golden rules for hosting.

This is a run down of all the tips and tricks needed to host the perfect dinner party every time.

How to present courses in the right way, how to lay the perfect table and tips on what to do if a guest arrives late were all discussed in these golden hosting rules.

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