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The Week in Bites<br>29th July 2012

The Week in Bites
29th July 2012

A look at London's food scene as the Olympics open, an interview with Heston Blumenthal and a trip to an Indian yoga retreat

By FDL on

Let the Games Begin
The Olympics have started and with that in mind FDL headed to London to round up some of the great food events taking place alongside the games.

Rene Redzepi and his hit sell out event at Claridges - a pop up that will see the chef transport his staff to England and cook with British ingredients. Super clubs within London and the Electrolux Cube will be taking residence in the city.

As the world tunes in to watch the sports remember that London has a lot to offer, secret events, pop ups and a great restaurant scene make it one of the most diverse food destinations around.

Unleashing that inner Yogi
This week FDL headed to India to visit a yoga retreat on the outskirts of Bangalore, where vegetarian food is part of an everyday holistic approach and wher some new cookery lessons have started.

Led by chef Rame Gowda these lessons show visitors how to cook with Indian ingredients and more importantly how to observe the Hindu approach of Ayurveda - an ancient Indian science of medicine and wellbeing - when preparing food.

FDL met with chef Gowda to discuss this interesting way of life that mixes vegetarian food with yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. A system that many people in the world are now exploring.

Heston Blumenthal on cooking your life
After bringing you exlcusive video interview with Ferran Adria, Thomas Keller and Rene Redzepi this week FDL focused on the British chef Heston Blumenthal.

Known for his wondrous kitchen creations like bacon and egg ice cream and snail porridge the chef sat down for an FDL video interview - discussing his kitchen philosophy, what he's been up to at the moment and giving a little bit of advice to young chefs.

Heston also revealed his dream cooking concept to FDL - clue? He wants to cook your life.

With thanks to Restaurant Magazine and Big Hospitality for their help in filming the interview.

In the Blog
We had the sushi bazooka, the necklace you can cook with and we brought you news of the New York rooftop bar that has created a hot dog that costs over $2,000.

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