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The Week in Bites<br>28th July 2013

The Week in Bites
28th July 2013

This week at FDL we discovered the history of couscous, investigated worldwide mirepoix flavors and had a candid interview with Italian chef Moreno Cedroni.

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Couscous from A to Z

We kicked off the week with a look at couscous, the tiny pearls of wheat that are a staple of North African cooking.

During our journey we discovered variations in couscous, from the small grainy one favored in Morocco to the plump pearls used in Sardinia, an island off the western coast of Italy.

Did you know couscous is an incredibly healthy food? It has contains no cholesterol, only one percent fat-to-calorie ratio and 3.6 g of protein for every 100 calories. Find out more about this exciting dish in our A to Z guide.

The Flavorful World of Mirepoix

From couscous we dove into the building blocks of cooking. We asked ourselves the following question: if the French have mirepoix and the Italians have soffritto, what do other cooks around the world use as a base for their cuisine?

Our article on worldwide mirepoix explored how people around the world use aromatics like onion and garlic to infuse distinct flavors into their food.

Curious about the secret to making a great paella or an irresitible Thai curry? Here's the full article.

Moreno Cedroni's Italian 'susci'

We ended the week by interviewing Moreno Cedroni, a two-Michelin starred Italian chef known for his exquisite seafood preparations.

During our candid interview with the talented chef he revealed that the reopening of his restaurant Clandestino Susci Bar was full of surprises. For starters, Cedroni reinterprets sushi and uses a phonetic twist to Italianize the word.

Read what he had to say during his exclusive interview with FDL.

In the blog

This week in the blog we brought you celebration cakes for Will and Kate's royal baby, a look at René Redzepi's new book and news of Jamie Oliver's new Saturday morning show.

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