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The Week in Bites <br> 27th January 2013

The Week in Bites
27th January 2013

The food blogger who pledged to eat curry for a year, Eneko Atxa the sustainable chef and a culinary tour of Copenhagen in Denmark

By FDL on

Dan The Curry Man 

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we met with Dan Toombs, a food blogger who pledged to eat curry everyday for a year. 
Dan runs the popular Curry Guy blog and sat down with FDL to discuss just hw he got started and what keeps him so motivated. 
It's the first in a series of videos were we explore the many different kinds of food blogs and the interesting people who create them. 
A City Tasting Tour
Home to the world famous Noma restaurant, Copenhagen already sits at the very top of the culinary ladder - it's a place that's spawned new styles of cooking and an exciting location to discover entirely new flavors. 
This week FDL travelled to the Danish capital to discover some of the interesting food locations in the city. 
Food markets, street food and some beautiful coffee shops were all highlighted in this city tasting tour - a great resource if you plan to visit Copenhagen. 
The Sustainable Chef 
This week FDL also travelled to the Basque Country to meet with the sustainable chef Eneko Atxa.
Atxa is the man behind the exciting Azurmendi restaurant in Bilbao - a restaurant that's designed to mimic nature, a building made of recycled materials that can be dismantled as fast as they were built and a place with a research laboratory that's like a small factory. 
FDL spoke with the chef about the philosophy behind the idea and just how he made an edible garden in which guests can actually eat the earth. 
An inspiration chef you have to meet. 
In the Blog 
We brought you a list of 100 food bloggers to follow in 2013, news that the chef Jason Atherton will cook a special four course dinner on board a luxury cruise liner and some beautiful wooden knives. 


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