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The Week in Bites<br>25th May 2014

The Week in Bites
25th May 2014

This week at Fine Dining Lovers we celebrated buffalo mozzarella, took a tasting tour of Rio de Janeiro and learned 26 interesting facts about the humble onion.

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Celebrating Mozzarella

This week at Fine Dining Lovers we kicked things off with a full report from Le Strade della Mozzarella (Mozzarella Roads), a festival dedicated to Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania DOP.

International chefs like Quique Dacosta from Spain and Jean-François Piège from Paris displayed their cooking skills on a global stage, each putting his own spin on this famed Italian cheese.

Take a look at the dishes they prepared and find out what else happened at this famous cheese festival held in Southern Italy.

A Taste of Rio

From Italy we ventured to Brazil where we took a culinary tour of Rio de Janeiro, which will host the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014.

The city has a vibrant food scene and we explored traditional eats like tapioca, pastels, acai, churro’s, pao de queijo, bolinhos and coxinha - all of which are available at different stalls and venues throughout the city.

Rio de Janeiro is home to world-class farmer's markets, exotic Amazonian fair and die-hard chocolate lovers. This makes it a must-see city on any itinerary to Brazil. Here is a list of the best eats in Rio to help you plan your trip.

Onions from A to Z

Aside from feasting our eyes on delicious food around the world, we took time to study the humble onion. The history of this kitchen essential is layered with interesting facts (pun intended!).

For example, did you know that Ancient Egyptians believed the strong aroma of onions could bring people back from the dead? Or that in the Middle Ages people used onions to pay rent?

Have onions sparked your curiosity? Check out more amazing facts here.

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