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The Week in Bites<br>23rd December 2012

The Week in Bites
23rd December 2012

A scientific look at champagne, an exclusive video recipe from Giancarlo Morelli and a Mayan feast with Rene Redzepi and a whole list of other chefs

By FDL on

A Nice Glass of Bubbly

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we took an extensive look at Champagne through a scientific lens.

We looked at what grapes make the great drink and the perfect way to scientifically pour the perfect glass of champagne.

With this appliance of science Champagne is understood on a different level - how humidity levels really count in production and just why you should always use an ice bucket.

A Mayan Feast

Ready to mark the end of the Mayan calendar, or as many people predicted, the end of the world - FDL travelled to Mexico to find out about a very special feast being held by Rene Redzepi and a number of other top chefs.

Roberto Solís, Enrique Olvera and a whole list of chefs were there to create their dish to mark the beginning of a new Mayan calendar.

Worms, chilmole, pork cooked in many ways, shrimp, lobster and squid - this really was a feast fit for the end of the world.

An Exclusive Dish

Always in search of great food FDL visited the Italian Chef Giancarlo Morelli to watch him prepare an exclusive recipe by hand.

Made with cream of chestnut, strolghino, potatoes, black truffle and bread crumbs - shows a chef who is immaculate in presentation and balanced in flavor.

Morelli then shows how handmade pasta (cappelletti) should be made - a great video in the kitchen of one of Italy's best chefs.

In The Blog

We heard the news that Grant Achatz will be preparing a vegan menu in 2013 and brought you a great video on how to properly brine a bird for Christmas.

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