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The Week in Bites<br>20th January 2013

The Week in Bites
20th January 2013

From Wiki Cells to the Greek yogurt takeover of America and a teenage chef with a passion for fine dining

By FDL on

Edible Burger Wrappers

We started this week at FDL with a look at the growing use of a new edible form of food packaging called Wiki Cells. The technology has already seen rise to a number of interested uses such as edible burger wrappers and glasses that a person can eat once their drink finished.

To discover more about this exciting innovation we interviewed the Harvard professor behind the idea, David Edwards. It's an interesting interview about a new technology that's sure to pave the way for some interesting culinary ideas over the next year and beyond.

Greek Yogurt Takes Over in America 

Heading to the States we explored the rise of Greek yogurt as a growing food trend across the country. Much of it is thanks to one business man intent on creating high quality authentic Greek yogurt for the American market but we also explored other factors.

Yogurt bars, supermarkets, restaurants and home chefs are using it and there's even a movement to see stronger laws put in place to regulate the growing market. 

The Young Chef with Big Ideas

Heading to Australia we met with Dylan Carter, a 13-year-old with a growing passion for fine dining and modern gastronomy.

We had a thoughtful interview with the teenager who spends his spare time trying to gain as much experience as possible - working in some of the best kitchens in the country and borrowing his mums money to buy himself new ingredients.

We looked at this exciting young chef's food and found out his culinary plans for the future.

In The Blog

We brought you more news on the Adria brother's latest restaurant opening in Barcelona, took a look at an exciting wood burning oven for the home and Jamie Oliver launched his new You Tube food channel.

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