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The Week in Bites <br> 18 June 2017

The Week in Bites
18 June 2017

By FDL on

A Bite in Perth

This week at Fine Dining Lovers we kicked things off with a wonderful tour of Perth, Australia. 

Located in Australia's southwestern coast, Perth has a booming culinary scene and is near the famous wine region of Margaret River

We wanted to know: where can we grab a quick bite, where to stop in for coffee and where to enjoy a seafood feast?

Here is what we discovered.

Around The World in 18 Sandwiches

So what's in a sandwich? That would depend on where you eat it. 

That's why we embarked on a worldwide tour of sandwiches. Our discoveries are beyond tasty.

From the Vietnamese bahn mi and Cuban pork sandwiches to Trinidadian doubles and Chilean barros luco, you won't be disappointed.

Discover 18 fabulous sandwiches.

Dishes of Sapori Ticino

This week the 2017 edition of the famed S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino came to a close.

The month-long food festival is held in the scenic Swiss countryside where world-class chefs prepare an impressive feast.

Click here to see mouthwatering food photos of the event.

In the blog

This week in the blog Gordon Ramsay set a world record for filleting fish, we discovered the 25 best wine regions of the world and more.

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