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The Week in Bites <br> 17th March 2013

The Week in Bites
17th March 2013

The Sri Lankan chef who was welcomed into Japanese sushi society, an exclusive video recipe and how to make Pecorino cheese at home

By FDL on

The Sri Lankan Sushi Master

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we told the interesting story of Wicky Priyan - a Sri Lankan chef who was welcomed into the upper echelons of Sushi society in Japan.

FDL sat down with Wicky at his Milan based restaurant where he told us his fascinating story that led him from being one of the world's top criminologists to a chef intent on protecting the great Japanese traditions of sushi.

It's a story of a chef intent on learning through embracing different cultures and a chef who now takes great pride in the knowledge he has brought with him from Japan to Italy.

DIY Pecorino

We also took a look at Italy's great Pecorino cheese from Tuscany and how you can make it at home.

The piece showed that, however precise the production of Pecorino needs to be, it can easily be made at home with some detailed instructions and some specific ingredients.

If you want to have a go for yourself you'll need some whole-fat sheep's milk, some rennet and at least three weeks to let the cheese rest.

A Perfect Dish

From Pecorino we took a trip to meet with chef Benoit Violier who took FDL on an exclusive journey into one of his magical dishes.

Violier is the chef at the three Michelin starred Hôtel de Ville in Crissier in Switzerland and in this special recipe video he made a special dish with eggs and truffle from Alba in Italy.

The video recipes shows the precise detail the chef goes to in creating every dish and gives those brave enough the chance to try it for themselves at home.

In the Blog

We brought you the news of the Main Cities of Europe Michelin Guide and looked at the work of a food loving dad who has been drawing on his children's sandwich bags with some interesting results.

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