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The Week in Bites <br> 17th January 2016

The Week in Bites
17th January 2016

We discovered plenty of gems this week at Fine Dining Lovers - from dining with Napoleon Bonaparte to a tasting tour of Girona, Spain.

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This week we kicked things off at Fine Dining Lovers with a gourmet tour of Girona, one of Spain's most popular cities and home to the world's best restaurant El Celler de Can Roca.

What can you find in this foodie haven? Girona is a feast for the eyes with countless gourmet lunch spots, farmer's markets and the best patatas bravas ever.

Read all about what you can taste in Girona.


From Girona we turned our attention to one of France's most historic figures: Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon is credited with many things but being a gourmand certainly wasn't one of them. Did you know he ate quickly, spending no more than 15 minutes per meal? Or that he preferred simple meals such as potato soup?

Here's a fun look at Napoleon's peculiar eating habits.


We featured some cool things this week on the blog, such as this $100 Super Gold Pizza, a wicked invitation for couples to dine on the Harry Potter film set  and tasty recipes with lime.


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