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The Week in Bites<br>16th February 2014

The Week in Bites
16th February 2014

This week at FDL we explored the cuisine of Conflict Restaurant, learned how to take the perfect food selfie and discovered what goes into an authentic tiramisu

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Rebellious Food

We kicked off the week with a look at Conflict Kitchen, a provocative restaurant set in Pittsburgh that only serves food from countries in conflict with the United States.

That means diners get to experience the cuisine of lands like Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and Afghanistan, among others. As to be expected, a restaurant like this draws a bit of controversy so we were eager to chat with co-founder Jon Rubin to find out how everything started.

Read our fascinating interview with Rubin and discover with food and political awareness aren't a strange match after all.

Selfies for Foodies

Selfies have a bad rep but sometimes foodies can't help themselves, especially when it comes to posting pictures of them devouring a plate of fantastic food. That's why we've created a guide on how to take the perfect food selfie.

So if you're big on selfies and food you can't miss our 7 Tips To Take a Good Selfie. Discover why lighting matters and how to capture your best smile. Say cheeeeeese!

4 Tips To Recognize The Perfect Tiramisu

If you love Italian food you've more than likely been up close and personal with tiramisu. Italy's most well-known dessert is a lovely blend of coffee dipped lady fingers (or sponge cake) with creamy mascarpone cheese.

Several Northeastern Italian regions claim to have invented it but the fact is that there are as many versions of tiramisu as there are Italians in the world.

So how can you tell if you've been served an authentic Tiramisu? Here are the top four ways to recognize the perfect tiramisu.

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