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The Week in Bites<br>15th September 2013

The Week in Bites
15th September 2013

This week at FDL we chatted with Italy's 'Queen of Jams,' discovered 26 things we didn't know about mozzarella and ventured to Puerto Rico for street food.

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Meet The Queen of Italian Jams

The week kicked off with a visit to Paola Calciolari, known to many as the Queen of Italian jams. Calciolari has excelled at making jams known as mostarde, which get a fiery kick from pungent mustard oil.

She's opened a small laboratory called Le Tamerici in the town of Mantua in Northern Italy. She uses ingredients like white watermelon, red onions and orange zest to creat unique flavors that pair well with cheeses like burrata, parmesan and grana padano.

Read all about Calciolari's success and feel inspired to make your own creations thanks to the recipes she's been so kind to share with FDL.

Mozzarella from A to Z

Inspired by our travels throughout Italy we decided to explore the wonderful world of mozzarella cheese. We discovered 26 amazing facts that we were excited to share with you.

For example, did you that that Mexican Oaxacan cheese is a distant cousin of mozzarella? Or that the term ''mozzarella" became official back in 1570 thanks to chef Bartolemo Scappi? Check out many more fun facts about this famous Italian cheese.

Puerto Rican Street Food

From Italy we went on to explore the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. We traveled like the locals do and discovered frituras, the best street food on the island.

The best place for frituras is a coastal town called Piñones, where colorful shacks line the roads and the sound of drums can be heard in the distance. It's a fun place that is a must in any itinerary for the island. Get the full scoop here.

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