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The Week in Bites<br>13th January 2013

The Week in Bites
13th January 2013

This week at FDL we explored the link between hipsters and food, brought you an exclusive video recipe for an English Trifle Yo Yo and much more

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The Hipster Food Revolution

The week began with a look at the effects hipsters have had on food. Known for their trademark big glasses and skinny jeans, hipsters have actually contributed a lot to the modern food scene.

So what have hipsters around the world done to reshape the food landscape? For one, they are conscious of their food choices. Many have gone the route of urban farming or gardening. As a whole they tend to favor trends like vegetarianism and veganism. Those who consume meat and animal products opt for free-range eggs and grass-fed animals.

These are just some of the big changes hipsters are responsible for. Read all about the hipster revolution here - perhaps it will rub off on you.

The Perfect Dish: an English Trifle Yo Yo

From the hipster scene in New York we traveled to Italy where we spoke with chef Matteo Berti.

Berti was one of the 78 talented chefs who took part in Gusto Italiano (Italian Taste) cookbook. He shared his spectacular recipe for an English Trifle Yo Yo, it's a diffiucult yet whimsical dessert that involves working with chocolate, vanilla, eggs and cream.

Here's the recipe in case you want to try your hand at it. In the meantime, watch the video to see Berti's English Trifle yo yo come together before your eyes.

5 Culinary Inventions That Rocked Our World

We finished the week with a look at the five culinary inventions that changed our lives in the 20th century. We explored items like toasters, microwaves, food blenders, Tupperware and fast food.

Although we may take some of these inventions for granted nowadays, they were unknown to most of the population 100 years ago. It's really amazing to see how much progress has come about in just one century.

Take a look at these culinary inventions and let us know what you think. What foodie invention would you add to the list?

In the blog

This week in the blog we brought you news of Massimo Bottura and Jose Andres being named best chefs of the year, explored a possible cure for peanut allergies and brought you this hilarious viral video of an invisible driver at a drive thru.

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