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The Week in Bites <br> 11th August 2013

The Week in Bites
11th August 2013

A meeting with a pharmaceutical chef, a brief look at the history of ice cream and a gallery of pictures from the food photographer Chelsea Bloxsome.

By FDL on

The Pharmaceutical Chef

This week at FDL we sat down with the Italian chef Milly Callegari who has created her own unique style of cooking thanks to mixing her culinary skills with those earned working in a pharmacy.

This is a chef who approaches the art of cooking as an alchemy, with chemical properties, herbs, plants and exotic spices all blended to provide great flavor and a number of nutritional benefits.

FDL with Callegari to discuss how this unique mix of pharmacy and cooking came about and just how her skills are combined in the kitchen.

Interview with a Food Photographer

We love great food photography at FDL and with that in mind this week we caught up with the Australian born food phorographer Chelsea Bloxsome.

Chelsea sat down with FDL to discuss her love of food and just what her favorite tastes our. We also chatted with her about her latest book, A Delicious Life Food | New Food Entrepreneurs.

On top of the interview Chelsea was also kind enough to share a selection of some of her best images - a tasty gallery that's sure to make you hungry.

The History of Ice Cream

Ice cream. Just think about how many times you've devoured it, how many different varieties, flavors and styles. It really is a much loved dessert but how much do people actually know about the history of ice cream?  

This week we took a brief look at the history of ice cream, from early recorded Chinese sorbets to the Egyptians rather basic attempts at making cooled desserts - this is a nice look at the history of a dessert we've all sampled at least once in our life.

For an added bonus we also took a look at 10 of the best places to try ice cream around the world - from Barcelona to classic Gelato in Italy - this is the ultimate list of ice cream hangouts around the world.


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