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The Week in Bites<br>9th September 2012

The Week in Bites
9th September 2012

The scientific world of jelly, cooking in the dishwasher and can copyright be used to protect your kitchen creations

By FDL on

Cooking in the Dishwasher
This week at FDL we took a look at the unusual method of using the dish washer to cook. Lisa Casali is the author of the book Cucinare in Lavastoviglie (Cooking with the dishwasher) and has created a number of recipes that can be made using heat generated from the dishwasher.

FDL sat down with Lisa to discuss this technique and pick up a few tips of our own on how to harness the power of the dishwasher for cooking. It's a healthy way to cook and also a way to use power efficiently inside the home. If fancy a go at home you just have to take a look at Lisa's tips.

The Perfect Jelly
Never mange to get the perfect wobble? Jelly always coming out too lumpy, not tasty, chewy? There's hundreds of things that can go wrong when trying to make Jelly and aspic so this week FDL decided to take a look at the process through a scientific lens.

Simple techniques to apply in the kitchen that help you get Jelly right every time. So if you want the perfect jelly every time then it's worth going down to the macromolecules within the gelatin itself.

Culinary Copyright
Can a recipe be protected by copyright? Can the use of a patent be used to protect a kitchen creation and should these intellectual property protection laws be used at all in the culinary industry?

This week FDL spoke with some lawyers who advised on a number of culinary copyright procedures. Patents, copyright and trade secrets were all examined as potential routes  to protect new found food combinations.

Also this week
We brought you the announcement of the Good Food Guide 2013 top ten UK restaurants, some pictures from Rene Redzepi and Noma's Saturday Night Projects and a list of 50 cooking terms explained.

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