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The Week in Bites | 8th April 2012
Photo Jill / Etsy

The Week in Bites | 8th April 2012

Eggs Galore for Easter Weekend, a sushi chef who peels an apple in under 40 seconds, stamps made from chocolate and child friendly fine dining restaurants

By FDL on

Happy Easter

To mark Easter this weekend we brought you our selection of un-eggspected eggy treats. There's a selection of the best eggs on Etsy, egg proverbs, some great applications that can help you decorate and cook eggs perfectly.

And of course we brought you an Easter recipe for Glazed Ham. And as a final Easter gift from us to you we also created a beautiful picture gallery of handmade chocolate Easter eggs.

Culinary Chemistry

There's flavors that are distinct to certain places, spices and ingredients that just identify a place - tomatoes in Italy, sushi in Japan this list really is endless and we often don't think of how much in common Eastern and Western foods may have in common.

This week at FDL we looked at a study by Boston University that examined ingredients from both cultures at a chemical level and found that, at least on a molecular level, many ingredients people assume would not paring well, actually share lots in common - the reason they say that Blue Cheese and Chocolate go well together.

Dining with the kids

How do you feel when you eat out at a high end restaurant and there's children there? How, on the other hand, do you feel taking your children to a restaurant and would you take them fine dining?

This week we looked at the issue of dining at high end restaurants with children and offered some tips for some child friendly restaurants, even some with Michelin stars will welcome your little ones.

In the blog

We had the only stamps ever worth licking, 80 minutes of Anthony Bourdain wrapped up into 80 seconds and a video of an apple peeling sushi chef with some incredible skills.

The picture comes courtesy of Jill from Etsy and the eggs can actually be bought from her page.

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