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The Week in Bites 30th November 2014

The Week in Bites 30th November 2014

An interview with Grant Achatz, the science of the perfect tempura batter, some funny Thanksgiving Fails and food close up, very close up.

By FDL on

Restaurants Without Borders 

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we sat down with the American chef Grant Achatz to discuss his work in the kitchens of Alinea and Next in Chicago.

We also spoke with chef Achatz about the foods he loves and hates before he posed the interesting question, why does a restaurant have to have a permanent address?

The internet ended with the chef pondering a world tour with him and a group of other famous chefs, watch the interview now.

The Science of Tempura 

Great tempura is one of those tasty delights that’s really great, when it’s done well. Done badly and it’s a soggy mess that only promises goodness.

This week we decided to take a closer look at the science of tempura batter and exactly how to make it yourself at home.

The Japanese recipe is perfect for vegetables and fish and this guide is sure to set you on the path to golden, crispy and tasty tempura.

Also This Week 

We had fun in New York speaking to people about their Thanksgiving Fails - the times in which the holiday cooking just got a bit too much and went downhill.

It was a funny piece showing the not so perfect side of the festive period and revealing one couple’s amazing story of missing out on a dinner with Michael Caine.

To finish we got up close and personal with food as we highlighted some truly amazing macro food shots that are well worth a look.

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