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The Week in Bites 30th August 2015

The Week in Bites 30th August 2015

Chefs without borders, a closer look at the emerging trends in the world of chocolate, a bunch of olive facts and we go on the spice trail of cardamon.

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Chefs without Borders

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we took a closer look at one of the most exciting trends we’ve seen in fine dining recently, chefs without borders.

We looked at how more and more chefs are taking their brand on tour, as, along with their entire crews, they undertake the mission of transporting their restaurants to new countries.

It’s an exciting movement and one of the most consistent trends we’ve noticed in fine dining for a while.

Chocolate - What’s Happening?

We also look into the world of chocolate this week as we focused on some of the emerging trends from the word of cacao.

We looked at how artisanal chocolate production has been booming and how a demand for more information has led to much more detailed labelling of products that now display things like roast levels, farm names and conching times.

Find out more.

Also this Week

We brought you 26 facts about olives you probably don’t know, we found ourselves on the spice trail for cardamon and we brought you a tasty tour of Venice in Italy.

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