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The Week in Bites 2nd August 2015

The Week in Bites 2nd August 2015

The numbers of pasta, an interview with chef Philip Howard, edible seeds and an Andes Renaissance.

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The Numbers of Pasta

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we looked closely at pasta, not as a recipe or even an ingredient but as a set of numbers.

From 1100 BC - the first ever recorded date of pasta consumption, in China - to the 3.3 million tonnes of pasta produced annually in Italy. This is a look at a side of pasta you’ve definitely never considered before.

Bite down on Paste by Numbers.

It’s About True Eating Pleasure

This week we also sat down with the Michelin starred chef Philip Howard - a man who has been operating some of London’s best restaurants for years.

We spoke with Howard about his recent dinner at the S.Pellegrino: Live in Italian, Live from London event and about his own approach to cooking.

The chef gave his views on culinary ego and how it often gets in the way of try eating pleasure.

Read the full interview.

Also this Week

We examined the science of edible seeds, took a trip to Marmilla in Sardenia, Italy, where we discovered some unique flavours and looked at an Andes Renaissance with a clever farming project that will help the Inca people grow crops at high altitudes.

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