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The Week In Bites 16th September

The Week In Bites 16th September

From vegan food trucks and to finding out what Rene Redzepi would do with just four ingredients, this week was full of great surprises

By FDL on

Vegan Food Trucks Rock The Street Food Scene

Food trucks are opening all over the world and with their unique menus and high quality food it's no surprise they're so popular. 

One of the newest developments in the food truck movement is the growth of vegan only food trucks. 

This week FDL travelled to America to take a look at the huge number of vegan only food trucks that are now opening. From New York's Cinnamon Snail and Miami's Mac'n Food Truck to Portland's Pedal Kettle  and more. 

What a delight to see so many different cities offering a great diversity of delicious vegan street food.

René Redzepi Takes On A Culinary Challenge

This week we unveiled our 'FDL Bare Fridge Challenge' in which we pose some of the world's greatest chefs the same question: what would you make with just eggs, black pepper, rice and a cabbage?

First up was René Redzepi from Noma, the number one restaurant in the world. Known for being a passionate locavore and foraging delicacies like ants, we looked forward to hearing what René had to say.

Watch the video to see if his response surprises you and stay tuned for future responses from chefs who brave the 'FDL Bare Fridge Challenge.'

The Dos and Don'ts of Tea Time

Aside from checking out vegan trucks and playing culinary rocks, paper, scissors with the world's greatest chef, we also took some time to share a few tips for tea time.

Milk or lemon? Loose leaf or tea bags? We answered these and many other questions in our  guide of dos and don'ts for enjoying the perfect English afternoon tea.

Get the facts on how the British tradition began and just what not to do when it comes to minding your manners.

In the blog

This week was full of excitement as we brought you video lectures from René Redzepi's  Mad Food Camp 2012 symposium. We also brought you news that the website for the Alinea/Eleven Madison Park swap had gone live and that superstar British chef Heston Blumenthal is entering the gin and tea business

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