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The Week in Bites | 26th August 2012

The Week in Bites | 26th August 2012

A look at the man who took on 6,000 Chinese restaurants, Rene Redzepi's new menu item, celebrity restaurant rumors and 26 things fun facts about tomatoes

By FDL on

The Man Who Took On 6,000 Chinese Restaurants
This week kicked off with a trip to Los Angeles where we introduced you to David Chan,  not to be confused with the celebrity chef David Chang. Mr. Chan's passion for Chinese food is extreme. He has visited more than 6,000 Chinese restaurants and has saved the receipts to prove it.

Mr. Chan logged every restaurant visit and date on a spreadsheet to keep track of his record. He's eaten in restaurants throughout California, New York and Canada. He may have spent more than 30 years eating Chinese food but don't ask him to use chopsticks...

Video Lessons: How To Cut a Chicken
FDL went back to the basics later in the week to bring you three video lessons on classic techniques every cook should know. We  teamed up with ALMA, Italy's premier culinary school, to show you how to effectively butcher, truss and carve a fresh chicken. 

The video lessons are part of our ongoing series Chef Cuts. We have previously featured other techniques like how to cut vegetables and how to prepare seafood. The best part? You don't have to pay for attending culinary school because you can learn to chop like a pro from the comfort of your home.

26 Things To Know About Tomatoes
Did you know tomatoes were once considered deadly? Or that the largest tomato plant in the world is growing inside Florida's Walt Disney World? These are fun facts from our A to Z guide on tomatoes

We can't spill all the beans but we can let you in on a few more interesting facts. For instance, the first cookbook devoted to tomatoes was published in Naples, Italy back in 1692. Although the book was published in Italy, it is said to contain recipes from Spain.

Of course, tomatoes are a main ingredient in gazpacho and Bloody Mary. These red wonders are also naturally high in the antioxidant lycopene. Are you craving tomatoes yet? 

In the blog
We brought you breaking news about the new item Rene Redzepi is adding to the Noma menu and addressed rumors that Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario Batali are teaming up to open a Spanish restaurant in Los Angeles. We also had some fun bringing you news of a vegetarian mural in Spain and amazing neon sugar candy installations.

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