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The Week in Bites 22nd February 2015

The Week in Bites 22nd February 2015

Ethical meat in Sweden, an underground food think tank in Poland and the open air market that is Mexican street food.

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Ethical Meat

We travelled to Sweden this week to meet the 2014 Entrepreneur of the year Britt-Marie Stegs who started the Hälsingestintan company to provide ethical meat across Sweden.

We spoke with Stegs about her latest initiative, a mobile slaughter house that not only allows Stegs and her company to have complete traceability over their supply but also helps to kill animals in a much more relaxed and humane way than traditional slaughtering methods.

Stegs also talked abut her current research in trying to prove that an animal that is killed while calm and relaxed actually taste better than one that is stressed when it’s stunned.

Underground Food Think Tank

Another great story this week came from Poland with the news of an interesting underground food think tank.

What’s the process behind combining mealworm beetle flower with an endemic bean cheese? How to make a wafer with farm’s soil essence? What’s the relationship between kaolinite and century egg? These are just a few of the questions the group is asking.

Also this week

We took a closer look at the Mexican street food as we explored the open air market that is Mexico.

There was also a nice look at the world of Crepes with another great A-Z, bringing a whole mix of facts and insight you probably never considered when thinking about crepes.

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