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The Week in Bites<br>20th October 2013

The Week in Bites
20th October 2013

This week we looked at an interesting new food service, gave David Kinch the Bare Fridge Challenge and looked at the history popcorn.

By FDL on

The Bare Fridge Challenge

This week on FDL we sat down with the American chef David Kinch who runs the Manresa restaurant in California to give him our Bare Fridge Challenge.

We offered Kinch an egg, a cabbage, some rice and black pepper and asked him what exactly he would cook.

It's an interesting question that we've already posed to a number of the world's greatest chefs and here's what he created.

Popcorn - From Snack to Dessert

Everyone has a memory of tasting popcorn when they were a child but how much do you know about the history of corn and how the original popcorn recipe was developed?

This week we took a look at the background of popcorn, it's unknown nutritional value and how you can make your own unique popcorn recipes at home.

We also brought you an interesting molecular dish that combines langoustine and popcorn from Wylie Dufresne.


We also looked at an interesting new service called Ask CT Food which offers up a unique idea for understanding the Asian food recipes.

The service works by asking people to upload their pictures of Asian food dishes to Instagram and tagging @AskCTFood - from here a team of experts analyze the picture of the dish before posting the recipe on their own page.

It only works for Asian food at the moment and the language is only available in Swedish but this is a look at a potential new technology that could one day allow us to get hold of the recipes of our favorite dishes in restaurants.

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