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The Week In Bites | 20th May 2012

The Week In Bites | 20th May 2012

How to make the perfect jams, the wacky world of wine, some designer knives and a great video of how to fry herbs in the microwave

By FDL on

How to Make the Perfect Jam
Jam comes in many forms and almost any ingredients can be used to create jams. As simple as the cooking process is, making good jams can be difficult.

A good jam is all about the balance between the flavor of the fruit, sugar and tartness - a balance that many jams fail to achieve.

That's why we decided to take our usual scientific approach and examine how to make the perfect jams every time. We looked at the perfect ratios of fruit to sugar and how the juice of a lemon is the secret weapon in most great jams.

The Wacky World of Weird Wine
Wine, drank around the world in hundreds of countries, found in thousands of variations, tastes and styles and in some cases wine can be a little different.

This week we visited a number of wine producers who make unique wines - from a Reptile Riesling (snake wine), to the ice wines of Canada and the new movement of combining grapes and grains.

We brought you some great places to try the wines and also looked at an emerging wine trend in California that may well be illegal.

How to be a food designer
The wonderful world of food design has led to some truly magical creations - scenes and settings created entirely from food and dream like scenarios that show food in a whole new light.  

Andrew Stellitano is a food designer who spends his time creating edible masterpieces and this week he sat down with FDL to discuss his job, how he found himself in this line of work and exactly what some of his work entails.

It was a great QnA with a great designer and also features an extensive collection of his best pictures.

In the Blog
We took a look at some designer knives from an exhibition in Milan, a great video on how to fry herbs in the microwave and the chocolate pyramid made from over 8 tonnes of choc.

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