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The Week in Bites 20th April 2014

The Week in Bites 20th April 2014

An interview with chef Bjorn Frantzén, a taste of Sao Paulo in Brazil and a chat with Rene Redzepi about his planned move to Japan.

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Swedish Produce 

We started this week at Fine Dining Lovers with an interview with the Swedish chef Bjorn Frantzén who runs Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm. 

We spoke with him about his dedicated approach to sourcing the best ingredients and how this is only possible to the close relationships he has built with different farmers and producers across Sweden. 

We also spoke about his Nose to Tail approach to cooking and why it’s important to educate people with hid cuisine - even if it sometimes means using a few gimmicks. 

A Taste of Brazil 

From Sweden we took a trip to Sao Paulo in Brazil for a tasting tour of markets, a coffee lab and one of the best tours the city has to offer. 

Sao Paulo is full of variation and this city tasting tour takes in just a quick snap shot of some of the top tastes on offer. 

If you’re planning a trip to Brazil anytime soon, this is well worth a look. 


We spoke with Rene Redzepi about his planned restaurant move to Japan in 2015, compiled a beautiful collection of egg designs, had a great hack for chopping lots of cherry tomatoes at the same time, and the crazy video of a comedian who managed to sneak onto live TV posing as a chef.

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