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The Week in Bites 19th May 2019

The Week in Bites 19th May 2019

English grandeur, sustainable Asia, Where to wine in Helsinki, Game of Thrones, expensive Bordeaux blunders and Heston turns into cheese, The Week in Bites.

By FDL on

Lording it outside of London, where to wine in Helsinki and Asia's sustainable restaurant in Bali. As well as you Game of Thrones menu, an expensive Bordeaux blunder and Heston is now cheese, some of the stories that tickled our tastebuds on Fine DIning Lovers. 

Manor houses, beautiful gardens and great attention paid to local produce and producers: discover the best fine dining remote venues out of London.
The Nordic capital has become an interesting destination for wine lovers from all around the world. Follow our tips to the best spots to taste wine in Helsinki!
The venue in Bali was awarded the Sustainable Restaurant ahead of Asia's 50 Best thanks to its chefs', a Dutchman and an Indonesian, philosophy: meet them!
As Game of Thrones comes to its conclusion on Sunday night, we think it’s worth marking with a feast. Try these recipes for your watch party.
Mistakes can and do happen, but this is not just bringing out the wrong starter. 
What if, in the future, you could download your consciousness onto a computer? Forget about that though, what if you could download yourself into cheese? The future is already here.
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