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The Week in Bites | 19th August 2012

The Week in Bites | 19th August 2012

From the science of ice cream to the ex-software engineer in Silicon Valley who is produces his own buffalo mozzarella

By FDL on

The Buffallo Whisperer
This week FDL traveled to silicon valley in California. Known as the home of Facebook, twitter and almost every major tech start up of the past ten years we were there to meet, Craig Ramini, a tech drop out who is now working to produce his own traditional buffalo mozzarella.

Found on a farm round 80 miles north of San Francisco Ramini is rearing his own buffalo in an attempt to produce high quality mozzarella. No easy task but one the ex-software engineer is tackling head on.

We met with Ramini on his farm to discuss the venture, how he plans to sell the cheese and just what it take to run your own herd of buffalo.

The Chocolate Master
We met with the world famous pastry chef and master of chocolate, Frederic Bau, for an exclusive video interview.

In it he discussed the opening of The Valrhona Chocolate School in France, his kitchen philosophies and just why he strongly believes that chocolate is the best ingredient on the planet.

It's an interesting interview with a master pastry chef.

Appliance of Science
Never ones to stray away from scientific reasoning this week we whipped out the FDL microscope and took a closer look at ice cream.

How's it made - the chemical reactions taking place and just how a small amount of scientific knowledge can go a long way in the kitchen. We then took all the scientific research and gave you the FDL eqaution for how to make the perfect ice cream.

In the blog
We brought you the news of Google's salute to the food author and television chef Julia Child, a collection of 4 super cool ice cream recipes to help keep you refreshed this summer and a look at a new kitchen laser cutting concept that could kill the chef's knife.

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